Episode #28 – Unbreakable / Blink – 182 “California” / Deadwood

This week on Three Dicks’ Picks, we talk about the greatest superhero movie of all time(?): Unbreakable. We also talk about Blink-182’s newest deluxe album, California and see how they’re fairing compared to their golden years. Lastly, we discuss the first episode of the HBO classic, Deadwood.

At the end of every episode, we rate each pick as well as reveal our picks for our next episode – so you can watch, listen, and join in on the next episode’s discussion along with us!

Movie — Unbreakable — 10:21
Music — California (Deluxe Edition)by Blink-182 — 47:26
More — Deadwood, season one episode one — 1:27:54