Jack On Tap – Mondo Large Red Ale

Beautiful, deep copper color. Nice bready, caramel nose followed by floral hop notes. A malty, dark fruit taste and noticeable bitterness.

Jack On Tap – One More IPA

Indie Brewing – One More IPA Great, heavy mouthfeel. Mango and lemon on the nose. A nice, lingering bitterness. A light bread flavor, too.

Jack on Tap – Broken Skull IPA

“Color of a caramel hard candy. A little spice, citrus and pine from the good ol’ C-hops! Feels like it’ll be bitter, but it’s real smooth.” For Jack’s vlog, click here!

Pre: Pending: Post: Being John Malkovich

Come read Zain’s post about his experience watching Being John Malkovich. If you enjoy what Zain has to say, go listen to episode one of Three Dicks’ Picks, where Zain and the guys discuss this movie as well as a few other things! Pre: Pending: Post: Being John Malvokich

Pre: Pending: Post: Blade Runner

Zain is a very talented writer and movie enthusiast to say the least. This blog post delves into one of science fiction’s most famous movies, and one that is on deck to be remade in this era of remakes and sequels. Will Zain like this classic? Knowing him, probably not. Pre: Pending: Post: Blade Runner

Pre: Pending: Post: Sin City

This is Zain’s post on his experience reading one of Frank Miller’s most famous graphic novels. Suggested by his Hypothetically Speaking co-host Greg, Zain dives into the black and white pop culture classic and gives his thoughts on comics in general, a medium that Zain isn’t a big fan of. Follow the link for a great read! Pre: Pending: Post: Sin City