CriticalMass – Episode 7 Pt 1 – 4/23/17

Dan and The Rocness Monster talk movies!!! Our personal Top 5 favorite movies of all time, with our friend Joe!!

Hypothetically Speaking – Episode 8 – Killer Roombas and Prostate Massages

This is Hypothetically Speaking’s most NSFW episode to date. Listen to the guys discuss fights to the death, nano bots and fellatio. Enjoy!

Three Dicks’ Picks – Episode #2 – xXx: Return of Xander Cage / Bjork “Homogenic” / Salad Fingers

Hypothetically Speaking – Episode 7 – Impersonation and Warm Water

Listen to the Episode 7 of Hypothetically Speaking! This week, we talk about what it would be like to have a little Zain as a companion and the pros and cons of every movie changing into Shrek over time.

CriticalMass – Episode 6 – 4/9/17

Listen to Episode 6 of CriticalMass, “Donald Trump is a Stupid Twat” The guys talk Trump, Tomatoes, Syria, Cheeto-skinned dictators, and anal beads!

Three Dicks’ Picks – Episode One – Being John Malkovich / OK GO “Hungry Ghosts” / Batman “The Killing Joke”

Listen to the inaugural episode of Three Dicks’ Picks! Check out their page for more info!

CriticalMass – Pilot 3/5/17

CriticalMass Podcast Pilot Episode This episode features Dan and “The Rocness Monster” sitting on the porch and . . . talkin’ about stuff. Special thanks to for providing the beginning/end music. *Contains explicit language and themes . . . listener discretion is advised* (I’ve always wanted to say that).

Hypothetically Speaking – Episode 6 – Immortality and Mouth Sneezes

On Episode 6 of Hypothetically Speaking, the comedy podcast where the guys answer the questions you didn’t even think to ask, the guys discuss the pros and cons of living a longer life and the great debate on whether you sneeze out your nose or mouth. Enjoy!

Hypothetically Speaking – Episode 5 – U-Hauls and Boner-Farts

We made it to Episode 5! This week, the dudes discuss time travel and global domination as well as magical boner inducing farts. All this and more on this week’s episode!

Hypothetically Speaking – Episode 4 – Sack Taps and Fat Stacks

Here’s Episode 4 of Hypothetically Speaking, a comedy podcast where the guys answer the questions you didn’t even know to ask. What if every time you had sex, as soon as you climaxed, someone kicked you straight in the balls? Would you eat money if when you pooped it out you got twice as much back? All this and more on this week’s episode!