Jack On Tap


Welcome to the sister blog for the vlog “Whats HopN?”

What you see here is a collection of beers Jack has tasted and a brief description of each.  If you like what you see, go watch his vlog as well!

Saint Archer Blackberry Goose


Beautiful ruby-red color hue. Ripe, sour-lemon nose. Blackberry flavor is evident, but balanced with a little lemon and a tiny hint of salt.

Phantom Bride IPA


Great head retention. Sweet bread and fruit aroma. Aggressively dry-hopped for sure! Bitterness fades behind guava, mango, orange. So GOOD!

 Sin-Tax Imperial Peanut Butter Stout


Beautiful chocolate nose. Fizzy, light PB, chocolate/coffee flavors complemented by a medium-dry finish. Not boozy (for an 8.1%-er), either!

Leo v. Ursus: Fortem

The nose is all juicy, fruity hops. Great light haze in the body. This beer is a delicious juice bomb! Only a hint of bitterness in the end.

The Cartographer

Dry finish with a nice rye bite. A little citrus laced in there. The nose is grainy, a little hoppy, and I get some ethanol. Good pale ale.

The Real Peel IPA

Straight sweet-zest nose. Medium bodied, amazing fruit-dominant citrus flavor. The Munich and C-120 are perfect for the body. Dry finish.

Perzik Saison

beer 3

Killer Saison! Fruity-spice nose, and an amazing peach-coriander fusion in my mouthhhhh. Medium dry finish. I could drink this all summer!

Lagunator Lager

beer 2

Common with an auburn color and a super hoppy and toffee nose. Toasty caramel/ cherry/ nut/ chocolate flavor. Tea-like hop spice/ bitterness

Mondo Large Red Ale


Beautiful, deep copper color. Nice bready, caramel nose followed by floral hop notes. A malty, dark fruit taste and noticeable bitterness.

 One More IPA

one more beer

Great, heavy mouthfeel. Mango and lemon on the nose. A nice, lingering bitterness. A light bread flavor, too.

Broken Skull IPA

Color of a caramel hard candy. A little spice, citrus and pine from the good ol’ C-hops! Feels like it’ll be bitter, but it’s real smooth

Saranac Legacy IPA

Leaves a pleasant and non-invasive bitterness on the tongue. Munich malt provides a little sweetness to the nose and flavor. Very easy coast.

Stone Dayslayer

Juicy, floral hops. Blended with light malt that hides the fact that it’s a lager. A little spice, herbs, and caramel in the finish. So good

Adirondack “Dirty” American Pale Ale


Ripe citrus aroma, light but poignant. Super bubbly, not overly malty. Leaves room for the hops to punch through. Little bitterness. Mmm!

Uinta Lime Pilsner


All lime on the nose. Really refreshing lime flavor with a hint of the witbier style, but no spice. A light lingering of lime rind.